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Spartacus Legends Xbox 360

Are you not entertained? No, we are not

You can win almost every fight in Spartacus Legends using just one button. The Y button. This isn't an exaggeration, I killed four or five men while giving my undivided attention to Top Gear on iPlayer.

Legends is nominally based on the American TV series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, in which the titular gladiator graphically dismembers his enemies and has frankly dizzying amounts of intercourse with several women.

There are a bunch of different types of gladiator available in the game, those who wield swords, daggers, giant hammers and so on, but once you figure out which of their heavy attacks is the fastest you can sail through fight after bloody fight simply by spamming that one move. For the hammer fighters it's down + Y, for the daggers man it's right + Y, and for the dual-handed sword fella it's just Y by itself. No joke, you can literally win fights using one hand.


So why would you ever need to spend real money on unlocking premium upgrades in this free to play, one-versus-one gladiator game? Well, you don't. Spartacus Legends has two kinds of currency: silver, with which you're rewarded after fights, and gold, which you must buy with real money. A fighter bought with silver and equipped with silver-tier weapons can use the above tip to scythe through every arena in the game in about two funless hours, beating fighters five times his own level.

Gold can be spent to unlock weapons and armour above your current level, as well as fighters with better base stats, but it's simply not necessary unless you plan on using the other buttons.

Badiator, more like
Should you decide to use them, those other buttons perform grabs and quick attacks, as well as something called a panktration (which is essentially kicking your opponent in the billies before thumping them in the back of the head while they're doubled over). Combos can be strung together, but with every gladiator being so off-the-shelf bland and character-free there's zero personality or cleverness to their combat styles.

Gold can be used to buy new executions (it works out at about 20p for a pack of five beheadings), which can be triggered when the crowd are sufficiently frenzied, but the visuals are so below par that you'll struggle to muster the enthusiasm for the sight of a man's face being sliced off.

You can't jump into fights against your friends - instead, there's a Quick Match option to chuck you into a random fight. Amazingly, spamming the Y button also works against humans, as long as they're not wise to the trick too, of course. Sorry Xxkiller80.


Most free to play games are engineered for compulsive play, but Spartacus Legends is about as addictive as swallowing sand. Thumbs down.

By Steve Hogarty. Check out our free Xbox games list for more, better specimens.

The verdict

Free to play gone terribly wrong

  • It's free, we suppose
  • Jarring use of the f-word in commentary
  • Zero incentive to buy in-game currency
  • Easily broken combat system
  • You don't even play as Spartacus
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