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Six ways I hope The Elder Scrolls Online is as crazy as Skyrim

How to make it a true homage to single player Elder Scrolls

Bethesda and ZeniMax Online are billing The Elder Scrolls Online as an MMO for seasoned single player adventurers. It should "feel like Skyrim", in short - there's an optional first-person view, combat is real-time, HUD elements have been kept to a minimum for maximated immersibleness, and everybody's still utterly confuddled by the disappearance of the Dwemer.

But what of Skyrim's other, less-sung memorable qualities? What of its frankly adorable array of bugs and wacky design calls? Here are six I'd like the developers to revive in some form - feel free to add your own requests in the comments.

1. Putting baskets on people's heads, nicking their stuff
In Skyrim, a shoplifter's very best friend is his basket. Simply drag the latter over an NPC storekeeper's noggin, then rinse his or her store at your leisure. Interrupted by other customers? Not a problem: baskets for everybody! This used to be a viable tactic, anyway - it's quite possible Bethesda's patched the glitch out by now. Anybody fancy nipping back to check for me?

In The Elder Scrolls Online, this could extend to popping baskets over the heads of players with the first-person view enabled while they visit the loo. Imagine returning to your TV to find the world bathed in a fibrous, rustling darkness. Your fellow adventurers claim you're stuck in a less-visited section of Apocrypha, the part where they store all the Elder Scrolls kitchenette props. However will you escape? By removing all your most expensive gear and throwing it on the floor, apparently.

2. The accidental Dragon-shouting of random people/objects
It's like my Dragonborn has an incurable case of alpine hayfever. Show her a table covered in food, a contented peasant or an innocent flock of chickens and she'll promptly let rip with a mighty Fus Ro Dah, propelling all and sundry to the further ends of the Earth, and generally starting a massive punch-up in the process. It's the ultimate ice-breaker at town meetings, assuming you want everybody dead.

Perhaps The Elder Scrolls Online's version of Tamriel could include areas that are effectively giant underground bouncy castles, allowing more susceptible heroes to Force-vomit each other about without starting any major clan conflicts.

3. Scope for absolutely mental DLC rumours
I've written no end of nerdy guff about possible Skyrim expansions on the basis of things like paths to nowhere, insect collections and cloak-and-dagger references to period celebrities in long-lost tomes. Some of these predictions have been born out, others have not, but the process has been enormously fun either way.

Riddled with smelly lore-nooks and floating story threads, Skyrim offers up a lovely foundation for rampant speculation, and that's a quality I hope transfers to The Elder Scrolls Online, where there's presumably less opportunity for tailor-making the details thanks to a playable environment that spans Tamriel's entirety.

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