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BioWare's next Mass Effect is "friendly to newcomers", new IP making good progress

Scant morsels of insight show up on Twitter

BioWare's next Mass Effect will offer character animations of an unprecedented fidelity, while continuing its predecessor's bold experiments with non-heterosexual romance and achieving a perfect balance between accessibility and challenge. This being the preposterous account I've pieced together from the recent Twitter activities of one Yannick Roy, studio director at BioWare Montreal, among other developers. Sorry.


According to Roy, the currently untitled fourth Mass Effect - which doesn't star the original trilogy's protagonist Commander Shepard - will be a good jumping-on point for series newbies. This may have something to do with BioWare's ruminations as to possible spin-off characters and playable alien races.

There's not much to go on in terms of how the game handles, at this stage, but improving on the slightly wooden character movement of previous games is a priority.

Roy also doesn't foresee an end to the franchise's proffering of bisexual or gay romance options, which is nice.

Here's what we want from Mass Effect 4 - or at least, what we wanted as of March 2012, when that horrible Matt person still worked here.

Stepping away from Mass Effect for a moment, it may interest you to know that BioWare's unrevealed ("amazing") new IP is coming along in leaps and bounds. Intriguingly, Mass Effect overlord Casey Hudson observes that many of those who worked on Xbox classic Knights of the Old Republic are working on it.

Any takeaways? I still reckon the Illusive Man would make a wonderful Mass Effect 4 protagonist.