Xbox Live sale: Devil May Cry, Resi 5, SSF4, Asura's Wrath go cheap

Capcom takes chainsaw to a bunch of games and DLC

Capcom's been busy this morning - the publisher has discounted a number of games and DLC on Xbox Live, including Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2 and Devil May Cry 4.

It may be worth your while picking up Resi 5 - thanks to racial stereotyping and dodgy companion AI, the latter used to be the most divisive Resident Evil title ever, before Resident Evil 6 came along, swallowed millions of dollars in perhaps-unwise investment, and blew itself inside out. I've got a soft spot for Lost Planet 2, myself - it's a multiplayer-centric mixture of Monster Hunter's critters, Armoured Core's vehicles and Gears-style squad shooting.


Here's the list of reductions - thanks to Aoife for starting it off. Be aware that some of them may vary by region.

Asura's Wrath - £8.99
Asura's Wrath - Episode 11.5 - 80 MP
Asura's Wrath - Episode 15.5 - 80 MP
Asura's Wrath Episode Pack Part 4 - 280 MP
Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 - £11.99
Resident Evil 5 - £8.99
Resident Evil 5: Untold Stories Bundle - 480 MP
Resident Evil 5: Versus Mode - 200 MP
DMC HD Collection - £11.99
Devil May Cry 4 - £8.99
Dark Void - £4.49
Lost Planet 2 - £4.49
Lost Planet 2 - Map Pack #1 - 200 MP
Lost Planet 2 - Map Pack #2 - 200 MP
Lost Planet 2 - Rush Arena - 120 MP
Lost Planet Colonies - £4.49
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - £11.99
Super Street Fighter IV: Complete Alternate Costume Pack
Capcom Arcade Cabinet - (base offering, required before you purchase individual games) 200 MP
Capcom Arcade Cabinet All in One - (contains all available Arcade Cabinet titles) 1000 MP

You can get individual Arcade Cabinet releases at a discount, too. There's also a bunch of Resident Evil 6 mini-DLC (principally outfits) on offer, which I honestly don't have the patience to include. Full marks for comprehensiveness, Capcom.

Tempted by anything?