Dead Rising 3 producer on Xbox One: "we've never seen anything like it before"

Also praises "natural, engaging" Kinect experience

Having either a sledgehammer or a skill saw to hand during a zombie apocalypse is a win. But you know you have a badass on your hands when someone makes the bold decision to stick the two together to craft an inelegant weapon for a more uncivilised age. The sledgesaw.

Jobbing Ed Norton lookalike and Dead Rising 3 executive producer Josh Bridge spoke to Xbox to shed a little light on a few of the game's finer details. He confirmed that DR3 takes place ten years after the events of Dead Rising 2, and the city of Los Perdidos is in the midst of a crisis three days after a zombie outbreak. Nick Ramos, a mechanic, must overcome a "sheer" amount of zombies to make it out of Los Perdidos alive and unbitten.

Bridge believes that players will find the Kinect integration a much more "casual experience" in DR3. Instead of having to stand up and flap your arms every time you want to use it, you can be sitting and holding the controller in your hands whilst doing a pushing motion with it to get a zombie off you. It's "a much more natural, engaging experience that fits perfectly in the core gameplay," says Bridge.


"SmartGlass is a way to have a hand in the game in a way you might not be able to do with your joystick alone," Bridge continued. "Press a button, call in some air-strikes and go boom." He also had some words of advice to give players exploring DR3's vast, open world. "You can go everywhere. You can go into stores, bust into a house. Look and you'll find more powerful items to play with and survive."

Items like the good old sledgesaw. You can take a peek at it in action in the video below.