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Bungie: people are "too quick" to compare Destiny to Halo

Cabal are totes different to Elites, studio argues

Bungie's dropped another Mail Sack on the internet's doormat, which contains a gentle but firm reproof to those who liken its forthcoming always-online shooter Destiny to the Halo series.

"Depends on the Cabal," the studio wrote, a little tangentially, when asked how player-controlled Guardians and the ferocious alien Cabals square up, size-wise. "The Guardians won't be the only fighting force in Destiny teeming with unique warriors. Take the Fallen, for example. When people saw them at E3, they were all too quick to compare them to the Elites you fought in Halo. In truth, the Fallen are as varied and diverse as the Covenant as a whole.


"Check out the demo again, and see how many varieties you can spot," it suggested. "Some of the smaller targets, like the Shanks and Dregs, will draw your fire. The larger crews, the ones that include Vandals or Captains, will have you wishing you brought that Fireteam. And let's not forget about those moments when we'll drop something as big as a Devil Walker in your path.

"The Cabal, along with the Vex and the Hive, are equally rich in their varieties. There are a lot of bad guys in Destiny. We need heroes to push them back whence they came. Apply within.

The studio also took a moment to underline the importance of unique, custom, rare weaponry as a character signifier. "Your weapon in Destiny will be one of many ways in which you'll tell your own story - and that story will become more interesting the longer you write it.

"The various implements of destruction that you wield (and there are a lot of them) will tell the world who you are, where you've been, what asses you have kicked, and (most importantly) how you like to fight. The more you use them (did we mention there are a lot of them?), the more they'll be an extension of your own legend."

Read more about that last part in my feature on the game's universe and design principles. What do you think of the whole "nu-uh, it's blatantly not Halo" thing? Because I think I'd struggle to distinguish them at a glance, if I'm honest.