Elder Scrolls Online "should feel like Skyrim", has feature parity on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

"The goal is that you're playing another Elder Scrolls game," says Hines

In case you hadn't got the message from our Elder Scrolls Online first look, here's Bethesda Softworks vice-president Peter Hines to hammer it home: the franchise's first massively multiplayer title is designed to feel familiar to fans of the single player RPGs.

Make that "very familiar", in fact, whether you're playing on PC or console. "With a controller, it just feels like I'm playing Skyrim, though I'm in Morrowind or wherever," Hines told us at E3. "That was ultimately the goal, even without the Xbox One or PS4. The goal is that you're playing another Elder Scrolls game."

Combat in The Elder Scrolls Online is real-time and light on intrusive HUD elements, the idea being that players will analyse threats by way of creature animations and the like. The game can be played in first or third-person, and Bethesda is taking a "flexible", "open-ended" approach to classes and skillsets.

Each version of the game is tailored to its platform, most obviously in terms of the control scheme, but Hines says you can expect feature parity between versions. "We believe so, yes. Based on what we've figured out and solved so far, absolutely." He qualified the observation, however. "The caveat there is what do you mean by PC? Do you mean a high-end one you bought yesterday?"

A brief glimpse of the game's first-person view can be seen in this Kwama reveal video from the weekend. Any thoughts on the direction?