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Lionhead offers fans the chance to get their achievement in Fable: Anniversary

Albion here all day thinking up ideas now

Listen up, chicken chasers. Lionhead Studios is offering one creative fan the chance to get their achievement idea featured in the upcoming Fable: Anniversary.

After sifting through all the entries, Lionhead will compile a shortlist of five achievement ideas, and then ask fans to choose their favourite one, which will be made and featured in the final cut of the game. The winner will receive eternal bragging rights, their name in the game's closing credits, and a free copy of Fable: Anniversary on launch. All five finalists will also receive a Fable: Anniversary t-shirt and a batch of E3 badges.

There are no limits to the kind of achievement you can dream up, so long as it can be tied to a single action or actions that players can perform in Fable and/or Fable: The Lost Chapters.


Entries should be posted in the comments thread of the competition page here, in the following format:

- Achievement name: (No more than 32 characters - e.g 'Twinblade's Fried Chicken')
- Achievement description: (No more than 100 characters - e.g 'Kick a chicken into Twinblade's camp fire')
- (Optional): A suggested logo for the Achievement

The closing date for initial entries is 14th July. If you're stuck for inspiration, the comments thread on the competition page is already teeming with some very clever ideas. Who knew there were so many ways to bother Albion's poor poultry?

Are you thinking of entering? Share your ideas with us, why not.