Co-founder of Bungie says Halo "would have been better" if made today

"I would change a few things. I'd change the pistol"

Jason Jones is the co-founder of Bungie and was the project lead for the first two Halo games. He has remained largely out of the spotlight for the last eleven years, but it turns out he has some interesting things to say about the Xbox's most famous series.

In this interview from IGN, conducted to celebrate the birthday of Bungie, Jones talks about how he would actually prefer to have less of a hands-on approach to making his games, saying "I think that's super important, because then what I'm able to do is be in a position where I can look at how it's coming together and change the pieces that I believe need changing. Does that make sense? As soon as I'm on the hook for actually putting in the screws, actually making some system work, then I lose sight of that."


On the original Halo specifically, Jason went on to say how he thinks Bungie would have developed it if they'd started today compared to the late nineties/early naughties: "I'm not sure how much different it would have been, I think it would have been better. We would have done things a little bit different. Certainly knowing what I do now from the experience, I would change a few things. I'd change the pistol."

Ah, the infamous pistol with the stopping power of an elephant. When questioned how that came about, Jones elaborates: "There was a moment towards the end of Halo 1 where we were very close to locking down. The balance on the pistol was such that both in the competitive game, but also in the solo game, it wasn't where we wanted it to be. It was too late to change the... Well, we didn't feel comfortable actually changing the data anymore. The game was so locked down that when you changed a piece of data, gigabytes of crap had to be reprocessed."

"What we did feel comfortable doing was changing the code, and so... I added code specifically, when the map was loaded, to change a single number on the pistol."


Do you think Halo would have been better if it launched now, or would it be a completely different beast? Let us know in the comments.