Farming Simulator 2013 gets a summer trailer

and presumably some tractors, a plow, a combine harvester...

Focus Interactive and Giants Software have unleashed a brand new summer trailer for the upcoming Xbox 360 release of their surprisingly popular Farming Simulator series.

The trailer, which we've sown into the end of this post, contains the first footage of the console version of Farming Simulator 2013 and focuses on many of the new features and content that will be included in the game.

Top of the touted new features is a whole new American backdrop to add to the generous European flavoured landscape that the PC version launched with, as well as a veritable harvest of new vehicles and farming equipment with which to fulfil your farmyard fantasies. Farming Simulator 2013 should be ploughing through around the first week of September.

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Our Log was a bit sceptical about how well Farming Simulator 2013 would translate to console during his snap judgements last year, but what about you? Can you wheat for Farming Simulator, or does it go too far against the grain? Lettuce know in the comments below.

(The rest of OXM apologise for the excess of puns in this story.)