New Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One details - combat, dungeons, servers and the endgame

We're Tamrielly looking forward to this

The Elder Scrolls sages over at Tamriel Foundry have released a whopping 20 minute video preview of the Elder Scrolls Online. I don't have time to watch the whole thing, but Vehq has published a helpful breakdown. Read everything you haven't already read in our own first look at Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One below.

First off, a few bits and pieces about combat. Zenimax Online wants the game to feel more like a classic Bethesda role-player than a traditional MMO, so fights are very firmly real-time - you'll strike and block with whatever you're holding by pushing a button, rather than enabling auto-attack.


Armour comes in light, medium and heavy varieties, as with Skyrim, but magic is a lot more user-friendly - spells no longer fill up one of your character's hands. There's an ability hotbar, but it's scanty by MMO standards at just six slots.

Dungeon types there are three - two non-instanced, one instanced (that's to say, a copy of the dungeon is generated for every different player group, so you can explore without running into other players). Smaller dungeons can be cleared by a single character, but the larger varieties require a full group of four to complete.

The Xbox One version gets one entire server all to itself, and there's no cross-platform play, so if you want to go Greataxe those silly PS4 owners upside the ornamental codpiece, you'll need to do it in real-life. Players are separated out into discreet server "phases" depending on their friends, choice of guild and an optional initial questionnaire.


There's a player-versus-player endgame scenario that consists of a massive battle between all the factions and the Imperials, which covers the entirety of Cyrodiil (the central region, where PvP is permitted). Once you hit level 50, you'll be able to explore the regions of rival alliances, but only in the company of people from your own alliance.

That's the lot. Sorry about that awful subheadline, by the way - I have this terrible recurring delusion that I'm actually funny. Check out the trailer, why don't you.