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Microsoft shoots down report that Xbox games will appear on iPhone

Based on a "translation error", apparently

In pleasantly weird news, somebody reported last night that Microsoft would begin releasing Xbox games on non-Microsoft hardware, such as iOS and Android. The firm's Studios boss Phil Spencer has stepped in to debunk the claim, which is apparently the result of a translation error.

The rumour began life at Nikkei, via WPCentral, following the announcement of an Age of Empires port for iOS and Android.

"Today, KLab Inc. announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp. to develop a mobile version of Microsoft Studio's Age of Empires franchise, which will be initially developed in English for iOS and Android and launched globally, with plans to release the game in other languages and on Windows Phone in the future," reads a statement from Microsoft.


"Some reports included incorrect information about additional Xbox Live-based games on iOS and Android but there are no further announcements beyond Age of Empires at this time."

Spencer added the following when approached for comment:

Microsoft has stepped up investment in mobile gaming of late - the firm announced touchscreen shooter Halo Spartan Assault earlier in the year, and has overhauled the Xbox SmartGlass app to support 16 console connections simultaneously on Xbox One.