Grand Theft Auto 5 - 10 Los Santos hotspots we can't wait to visit

Wish you were here?

Grand Theft Auto 5's total land mass is said to be three and a half times the size of Red Dead Redemption's, and the actual playable area - including underwater sections - is reportedly five times as large. That's a whole lot of exploring to be done come 17th September.

One of the game's real thrills for returning fans should be revisiting locations from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, now massively overhauled. We've made a headstart on compiling our itinerary already. Feel free to mark off these potential places of interest on your Los Santos Lonely Planet guide.

Vinewood Hills
As one of the city's most affluent and well-connected areas, Vinewood might be the perfect place to stage one of those strategic bank heists we've been promised in Grand Theft Auto 5. It could also be the location of the Epsilon enlightenment seminar, where five GTA fans might spot their own faces in the crowd of religious cult Kefflom's converts.


Vinewood is also the obvious home of Los Santos' most iconic landmark, the Vinewood sign. If nothing else, it'll be worth driving up to the hills to try blowing it up (just for the hell of it) whilst taking in those smoggy city views.

The Zombotech Corporation HQ
One of the largest buildings in downtown San Fierro, Zombotech's HQ appeared i GTA: San Andreas, but didn't serve much of a purpose besides being a cheeky parody of Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation. Only the foyer of the building is accessible to players ("Zombotech sinister zombie virus research centre - welcomes visitors!") but signs hint at the existence of an underground bunker, leading fans and conspiracy theorists to speculate over whether the building originally had a larger part to play in the game. Perhaps we'll see the sinister pharmaceutical conglomerate return - and Rockstar's original intentions regarding it come to fruition - in GTA5.


Del Perro Pier
Not much is known about Del Perro Pier just yet, but several scenes in the GTA 5 'Michael' trailer appear to take place right on its boardwalk. The area's real-life inspiration, the Santa Monica pier, features restaurants, amusements, shops and video game arcades, so expect there to be plenty to see and do in and around this seafront attraction - which, if we know Rockstar, will be fully interactive.


A few signs have also been spotted in GTA5 trailers for 'Pleasure Pier' , but whether this is in fact Del Perro Pier or another location entirely is unconfirmed at this point. Bonus fact: 'perro' means dog in Spanish. So now you know.

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