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Join Facebook group, cause APB beta

Signing up to the Facebook group will spark a chain of events that will lead to a beta.

Realtime Worlds is likely to release a beta for its forthcoming title APB should enough interested players sign up to its Facebook group.

"We are preparing the initial steps towards beta, and are ready to open up our 'Register your interest' sign up page," explains Realtime World's Community Manager Chris Dye.

"This will enable you to get your email added in anticipation of the upcoming beta activities, and will ensure you keep up to date with all the news from Realtime Worlds regarding APB and future projects."

However, this page will only go live once its Facebook group hits 500 members, meaning you have to get involved to help kickstart a chain of events that will lead to a beta.

Interested or not, a beta for any game is a good thing, so sign up now and help get the ball rolling!