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Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

At the mercy of a psychopathic Dungeon Master

Are you ready for a game of Bunkers & Badasses? It's the Pandoran equivalent, pretty obviously, of Dungeons & Dragons, and all the original Vault Hunters are assembled in Sanctuary for a game, Dungeon Mastered by Tiny Tina.

It's a weird setup - the original characters role-playing as their sequels - but behind that, Dragon Keep is Tina's story. You're walking through a world spun from her turbulent and unreliable brain. The final DLC in the Season Pass is a shared fantasy that changes as the players point out unfairness and inconsistencies.

It's a new and rich source of Borderlands comedy, and they're all classic D&D types. Lilith takes it all too seriously, pulling Tina up on continuity errors, such as why a kingdom that's been scourged has such lush foliage and a lovely rainbow. As Lilith's gentle corrections get enacted by Tina in real time, other characters phone up in the real world and wheedle themselves starring roles in the action.


It's also a chance to resurrect Handsome Jack without resorting to actual resurrection. In short, this is a story that offers great scope for playing around with the conventions of the game, and it's the perfect chance to give Tina, so long the human firecracker, her long-missing squib of humanity. The unexpectedly touching story of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is that of an immature girl coming to terms with the death of a friend.

Install Dragon Keep, and you'll find the Unassuming Docks on your map. Taking a solo, and inappropriately-specced, L34 Assassin into the fray led to a series of deaths, forcing us to re-equip and be more considered. As you tour Tina's improvised fantasy world, you'll find badly-balanced areas and idiotically-named areas, and the heckling from the outside world is constant.

But it all works together to make this the funniest and most thoughtful expansion of the Season Pass. Whether you've got the energy to go back and blow the cobwebs off your old gun hoard is up to you. We'd definitely recommend it.

Assault on Dragon's Keep releases today for 800 MP. Queue up your download here.

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B2's best DLC pulls back something special

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