Bond producer: Not 'super impressed' with Bourne

Garrett Young argues it's tough when you don't have the lead character from the movie.

Quantum of Solace producer Garrett Young has said he's not impressed with The Bourne Conspiracy in an interview with OXM.

When asked what he thought of the Bourne franchise, Young said he thought the films were good before turning his attention to the latest game.

"The Bourne game... we did download the demo, we did look at it, like we do anything that's new and coming out," he explained. "Turok we played and other things that are new, we played GTA although that's not really in our space. But... yeah... not super impressed with the game... it's always tough though when you make a game and you don't have the lead character from the movie."

Which, incidentally, is what we thought of the game as well.