Ubisoft throws Beyond Good & Evil 2 into doubt - again

Pre-E3 shot of Uncle Pey'j was "misinterpreted", says CEO

Earlier today we wrote about Half-Life 3 and how it's possibly a Real Thing, that will be playable on a videogame console at some point before you expire of grief and frustration. Now, here's your routine update on Beyond Good & Evil 2. Once upon a time we'd have dug up something on Mirror's Edge 2 to round the afternoon off, but that particular nugget of vapourware is vapourware no longer, thank the gods.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has somewhat belatedly shot down reports that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be reannounced soon - reports triggered by the appearance of a picture of Uncle Pey'j (below) on the publisher's social media channels.


"That wasn't meant to be a tease," he told VentureBeat. "It was just part of our promotion in the run-up to E3 - homaging some of the characters from our past. I think that was maybe misinterpreted."

As for the franchise's future, Guillemot's as non-committal as ever. "I think the first game was exceptional, and people remember the experience they had, so they would like to see it again. We had a period where we had a demo that went out before it was quite ready, so everybody saw something that appealed to them.

"That's why I think they keep expecting something. But I can't say much more than that."

Here's the 2008 announcement video again. Jade's been sitting on the car bonnet for an awful long time.