State of Decay sandbox mode in the works, offers "pure survival simulation"

Zombie-dodging title is the fastest selling original game ever on XBLA

The undead hordes of indie title State of Decay show no signs of shuffling to a halt, as the game has just surpassed half a million downloads on XBLA.

Undead Labs is still busy working on improvements to the title, with the first game update taking effect over the weekend, after some initial teething problems.

In an interview over on the official Xbox website (via NeoGAF) Jeff Strain, founder and executive producer of Undead Labs, revealed that the developer has got some exciting changes in the works.

"We're laying plans for the future of "State of Decay" right now," he said. "There's an incredibly sophisticated simulation engine driving the world of "State of Decay" - we call it FateEngine - and it gives us a platform to do much more with the game.


"I can tell you we're working on a sandbox mode designed to be a pure survival simulation. Beyond that, all I can say is we pay very close attention to what fans of the game are asking for, and their needs will largely guide our development priorities, so stay tuned."

If you've yet to catch the State of Decay bug, you can read Log's review, or check out the free trial and full game over on the Xbox Live Marketplace.