Your Xbox One games library can be shared with non-family members

Only one user can play at once, however

Remember the bit from Microsoft's game licensing policy doc about being able to share your Xbox One library with up to 10 family members? They won't actually have to be family members, the manufacturer's Phil Spencer has confirmed.

"I think the policy makes sense," Spencer told Penny Arcade at E3 this week.


"It's not ten different people all playing the game concurrently, but when you think about a real usage scenario, and we thought about it around a family, and I know certain people will create a family group of people that aren't all part of the same family.

"And I do think that's an advantage, and people will use that. I saw it on NeoGAF instantly, the Xbox Family creation threads, where people said 'Hey be a part of my family'."

In other words, Microsoft is happy for you to break the system in order to share games with people you aren't, strictly speaking, allowed to. Ars Technica reports that only one person can access the game files at any given time.

"No birth certificates will need to be sent in!" Spencer added. "I do think that's an advantage of the ecosystem that we have."