Dead Rising 3 Kinect and SmartGlass gameplay detailed

Shout abuse at zombies, fun eh?

Speaking to Joystiq during an E3 presentation, Capcom representatives have detailed some interesting optional Kinect functionality for the upcoming Dead Rising 3.

The game's zombies "can hear [you]" and "If you want to call a zombie or distract [a zombie], you just yell at your Kinect and they'll respond to you."

All this sounds pretty interesting, but will an unwanted cough or wave of unexpected flatulence alert zombies to your whereabouts?

"That's part of the joke," said executive producer Josh Bridge, adding that "for the most part, zombies don't understand English." And that Kinect will be tuned to a threshold sensitivity that makes sense for the game.

It's worth noting that the Kinect functionality is entirely optional and can be switched off.

SmartGlass is also supported, and can be used to call in air strikes, drone support or other useful things to distract hundreds of zombies at a time. Using SmartGlass also provides exclusive missions for the player, completion of which unlocks exclusive apps within the SmartGlass program. You can also use it to locate points of interest on the map, should you need to.

As with Kinect, using SmartGlass is "totally optional" but there are interesting ideas behind potential co-op features - one player on the Xbox One and another using SmartGlass in some unspecified supporting role. Instead of forcing these extraneous functionalities on the player, Capcom has "tried to develop features that enrich the experience of Dead Rising" said a representative.

By Sam White

Thanks Joystiq.