Halo Xbox One isn't Halo 5, says Microsoft

"We haven't named the game yet," comments Spencer

The Master Chief cameo in Microsoft's Xbox One conference was not Halo 5, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has told us, but more a commitment to having the game out next year and at next year's E3.

"If you look at Halo traditionally, whether it's bringing monks on stage or doing a nice piece around where the story is, we usually have two E3s with the game," he told us. "We introduce the game and then give more detail, so you can see this is a strategy that has worked for us before. 343 came up with a nice piece they wanted to show, and people who've finished Halo 4 know where Master Chief is with his journey. The end of that game was a difficult time for him and his relationship with Cortana, so now he's searching."


It's also an opportunity for Halo guardians 343 Industries to show off the tech that it's been working on for the new Xbox hardware - something that's been occupying the minds of many developers in the last couple of years.

"They wanted to show some technical details. The investment with the engine on Xbox One, 60FPS, really using the cloud and dedicated servers, they're all points we wanted people to know that we're really investing in the franchise." And as for it being Halo 5?

"We haven't named the game yet. It was just purely, "Halo is coming" and we wanted to give it a date. This was just more about confirming that 343 are making a real Halo game, a first person shooter, coming in 2014."

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