Bleszinski: you can have game trade-ins or Assassin's Creed-style epics, but not both

Cliffy B in fighting mood on Twitter

Former Epic Games man and Gears of War co-creator Cliff Bleszinski has taken the internet at large to task over used and rented games, arguing that modern console blockbusters are simply too expensive to exist in a market where consumers can trade in their purchases.

Spotted by PSLifestyle (see Seb, I do love you!), the Twitter fusillade is an obvious reference to Microsoft's controversial Xbox One game licensing policies, which restrict loans and give publishers the power to charge for or block trade-ins. So you know, Bleszinski is currently on sabbatical from games development, so he speaks from a position of relative objectivity. Emphasis on the "relative" - the man doesn't mince his words.

Interestingly, Assassin's Creed 3's creative director Alex Hutchinson described his game as "the last of the dinosaurs" last September, observing that costs were becoming prohibitive. "We're still the monster triple-A game with very large teams [and] multiple studios helping out on different bits," he said. "There are fewer and fewer of these games being made, especially as the middle has fallen out."

Bleszinski also suggested that those worried by Xbox One's 24 hour sign-in requirement and extensive cloud support should treat their ISPs to a sternly worded letter.

A few more snippets, for colour. Watch out for a swear in the second one.

Interesting times. Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi commented yesterday that Xbox One's licensing policies and connectivity "would be easier to understand" in the absence of a disc drive. Any thoughts on that?