Third Walking Dead: Season 2 character teased, get Episode 1 free on Xbox Live

Russell joins Bonnie and Vince

With E3 mere days away, it's almost as though Telltale is gearing up for an announcement of some kind. The first episode of The Walking Dead is currently free to download for Xbox Live Gold members, so if you haven't yet had the pleasure of making Lee and Clem's acquaintance, do so right now.

There's no word on how long the offer lasts, so be sure to get in there quickly. In no doubt related news, Telltale has also teased a third character for what is widely expected to be The Walking Dead Season 2, via their Twitter feed.

Joining Vince and Bonnie, fresh-faced Russell appears to be a recent college graduate. Interestingly, a quick Google Maps search reveals that Georgia State University is literally streets away from the Capitol Building, which featured in Bonnie's photo yesterday. Is this the neighbourhood Season 2 will be set in?

Stay tuned: all will be revealed soon. We hope.