The Walking Dead: Season 2 - eight potential lead characters and settings

Aoife dips back into the comics for clues

A recent Telltale tweet and accompanying Vine clip point to an impending Walking Dead Season 2 announcement, cue mass hysteria on the streets of London. Accordingly, we've spent the past few hours trudging through mountains of Walking Dead lore, in search of possible lead characters and settings.

The Walking Dead comic and game worlds have been kept largely separate to date, but who's to say this won't change as the ranks of those left alive continue to shrink? Here are eight characters we'd love to inhabit in-game. Beware: the following contains some fairly large spoilers on the comic book series.

One of the universe's most fascinating (read: kick-ass) characters, fan favourite Michonne could be a prime target for a prequel game treatment. Early on in the outbreak, she recovers her trademark katana from a neighbour's house and recruits her newly zombified boyfriend and his best friend Terry to act as deterrents for other zombies - chaining them up, lopping off their jaws and having them shuffle along behind her.

She travels the country this way till a chance encounter with Rick and the other survivors at The Prison, where she exhibits her skills with a blade and quickly joins their ranks. Not much has ever been said about how Michonne lost her family, though we know she was once a successful attorney with two daughters - surely that's a Season 2 story worth telling?


Morgan and Duane Jones
Morgan and Duane are introduced in the very first issue of the comic book series, when they help a vulnerable Rick Grimes after he has an unfortunate run-in with Duane's shovel. Following a trip to the local police station to obtain firearms, the trio part ways when Rick decides to head to Atlanta to find his family. A little over a year later they meet again, but by then the fortunes of the father and son pair have taken a severe turn for the worse.

All we know of that missing time is that they lived and scavenged in and around Rick's neighbourhood for a while, moving to a snowy mountainside cabin around Christmas time. Season Two could attempt to cover that year of missing time, shedding light on how the pair survived, and on how Duane fell victim to the zombie plague. It represents an interesting spin on the father/child relationship that was so important to The Walking Dead: Season One, in that we know from the offset that their story ultimately ends in tragedy.

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