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Remember these: the most divisive games on Xbox 360

Treading the line between awesome and awful

With scores ranging from 4s and 5s to 8s and 9s, Remember Me is dividing critics up and down the internet. It's a difficult title to pin a number to, thanks to its melding of imaginative ideas with sometimes poor implementation, which is why Log's left the score up to you in our interactive review.

Remember Me's hardly alone in all that, however. In Dontnod's honour, we've rounded up a few other Xbox 360 games that demonstrate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Fable: The Journey
When I was but a lass, my parents - keen to enroll me in any activities that actually got me outdoors - sent me off to horse-riding lessons. I say lessons, but I only ever attended one; the smell and the sight of the sad, scrawny little ponies paraded around a dingy little paddock was enough to crush the romantic image Black Beauty TV repeats had painted in my head. Bottom line: if Fable: The Journey and its simulated horse grooming had been a thing back then, I might have been spared the heartache.

Gaming at large was quick to write off this unique take on Albion as a forced and ham-fisted attempt to incorporate the Kinect into one of Microsoft's more popular licenses; indeed, our Fable: The Journey review is one of the more positive ones out there. But no matter how you rate the importance of the following statement, it is probably one of the better Kinect titles available.


Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge is a particularly troublesome game in the OXM office. We have Ed on one side of the barricade singing its praises, and Jonty on the other calling it one of the most overhyped and "incredibly disappointing" titles in recent memory [I just like watching him twitch - Ed]. To be sure, the game has an original and enticing premise, and its world is both memorable and fascinating with overly clinical aesthetics, but the introduction of weapons and quicktime events break the flow of its flawed free-running action.

Perhaps, if the rumours of an impending sequel announcement are to be believed, DICE's second attempt will surpass the somewhat mixed reception of the original. Here are a few thoughts from Ed on the subject.

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