Things You'll Never Hear During COD4 Online

Because... well, you just won't.

Stunning Observation of the Day: Call Of Duty 4 has fairly popular online. You've probably noticed.

Hell, you're probably still trying to rank up and unlock all the weapons, so you can call them rubbish as you unlock them and go back to your old M16.

So in honour of one of Xbox Live's stellar multiplayer games, here's a list of stuff that you would never ever hear during a game of Call of Duty 4. Feel free to chip in your own at the end?

  • Martyrdom is so realistic!
  • Well done on reaching 10th Prestige Level 55, it must be tough finding the time between your work, your partner and your social life to play Call of Duty 4.
  • Don't camp guys, that's cheating.
  • I refuse to blame lag for my defeat.
  • I have never seen the M16 used as well as you're using it.
  • Excellent idea team-mate, block the doorway by standing there.
  • Hey, could you finish off that downed player I shot who is using Last Stand? Thanks.
  • I really like your singing.
  • I move away from the mic to breathe.
  • Is friendly fire on? No matter. Equip Martyrdom, everyone!
  • Congratulations on your victory. We were outthought and outfought. You truly were the better team. Bravo!
  • Excellent aim from the pilot of that helicopter.
  • Let's play fair.
  • Eavesdrop is cheap.
  • Hooray, a diverse range of cultures and nationalities in this lobby!
  • Even though I have beaten a higher ranked player, I refuse to brag.
  • That was a good Martyrdom kill.
  • Cool, being spawned in a hail of bullets is fun, I like the extra challenge.
  • Your aiming with grenades is truly exceptional.
  • Your clan is much better than ours.
  • I think I can hear some background music on your headset. Would you mind turning it up a little please?
  • You're right mum. I'll stop playing and do my homework now.
  • I just got lucky, that's all.
  • Wow, the Kill Cam shows that sniper shot wasn't anywhere near me... I guess it was the wind!
  • Iron Lungs is the best perk ever.
  • Red Dot Sight plus shotgun is unbeatable.
  • Hearing spammed grenades rattle on the floor never gets old.
  • What's the storyline again?
  • I'll hold off on using an airstrike because it's a bit cheap.
  • Good game.