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Mattrick on Xbox One's competition: "it's not appropriate for me to comment on Sony's vision"

"It's not just Sony, it's everyone that we're trying to compete with."

In further evidence that Microsoft intends to wreak commercial ruin upon companies other than its traditional console rivals, the company's Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick has named Apple, Google and Samsung as competitors for Xbox One.

"I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on Sony's vision," he told OXM among other outlets during a roundtable chat, a week or two before the Xbox One reveal. "I think they are one of the competitors inside the space, Nintendo's another... Apple, Google, Samsung. There's multiple people who will bring things into the market.


"What we're trying to do is be the premium, all-in-one device," Mattrick added. "We're starting with the focus on core games, great gaming experiences, great graphical capabilities, and we're tying all those things together to bring innovation that I think will be better than everyone else, all companies - insert whatever company.

"So, it's not just Sony, it's everyone that we're trying to compete with, and ultimately we're trying to bring the best product to market for consumers around the globe."

If talk of broadening the playing field leaves you cold, you might want to focus on the bit about "starting with the focus on core games". Mattrick and co have made much of Xbox One's mostly mysterious roster of exclusives, promising to showcase both "quadruple-A" experiences and more experimental projects at E3. According to Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer, Europe and European developers are "critical" components of Microsoft's next gen strategy.

That said, execs are taking a firm line with irate gaming purists about the machine's broader applications, including live TV, new Kinect personalisation features and heavyduty Skype support.

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