Mirror's Edge 2 listed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 by multiple Amazon sites

UPDATE: Mirror's Edge 2 help page spotted at

When a listing for Mirror's Edge 2 appeared on the German Amazon site not so long ago, we didn't dare report on it for fear that our fragile hopes would be promptly and cruelly shattered. But now that a listing has also cropped up on Amazon's Italian branch too, we're thinking that the existence of the much-longed for sequel might not be so far-fetched after all.

It's probably important to note that the new Italian listing features what is clearly placeholder box art and a tenuous holding release date of 1st January 2020. In addition, the listing isn't taking pre-orders at present, though it suggests that users sign up to receive information as soon as it becomes available.

Perhaps the most interesting nugget to glean from the new listing is Xbox One is reported as the game's only platform, whereas the German site entry (now taken down) mentioned the Xbox 360. Could this be one of the fifteen confirmed Xbox One exclusives?


Former DICE man Ben Cousins insists that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production, despite a shortage of updates from either the developer or EA. It was rumoured last year that the game would appear on next generation machines, and support Kinect.

Ed is being cautious about this as he's been burned before. I say keep the Faith - this just might be happening. What do you think? Thanks to Giochi for the heads up.

Here are all the confirmed Xbox One games.

Update - I do believe in fairies - I do, I do! NeoGAF notes that now has a help page for Mirror's Edge 2. This is getting dangerously close to conclusive, isn't it?