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Microsoft: "we are definitely listening" to Xbox One feedback, "we will get it right" at E3

"Mood is positive, good to be able to start sharing what we are doing," says Greenberg

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has taken to Twitter to thank the gaming community for its, ahem, forthrightness about Xbox One, and promised that the firm will clear up unanswered questions at E3 in a couple of weeks.

Though a tasty piece of hardware, the new Xbox has attracted controversy over Microsoft's mostly unexplained handling of pre-owned sales, the console's online focus and the publisher's reserving the bulk of Xbox One game announcements for E3. Here's Greenberg (who serves as chief of staff for Interactive Entertainment) on all that:

Microsoft's decision to stick with its existing Xbox Live publishing policy has also drawn censure from some independent developers, who view the requirement to partner with a publisher as a costly restriction, but Greenberg insists that there will always be a place for independently created games on the Xbox platform.

Finally, here are a few thoughts from last week on the event itself, when the backlash was at its fiercest.

Jonty's looking forward to Xbox One. Are you?