Wolfenstein: New Order gameplay details: a mix of classic and modern FPS design

"We want intense action, but we also want you to feel immersed in the universe."

In an interview with CVG, Andreas Ojefors, senior gameplay designer for Wolfenstein: The New Order, has said that the game's story is just as important to the studio as its doubtless plentiful shooting.

"Ever since you killed Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D, it's been a series about an alternate history," explains Andreas Ojefors, senior gameplay designer. "So we took that concept and ran with it. We've taken the game into the future. What kind of world would it be if the Nazis had won the war?"

"It's a story-driven action-adventure," Ojefors continued. "Those words are equally important: both the action part, and the adventure part. BJ is up against a global Nazi empire, and we like to think of it as a David and Goliath story. We want intense action, but we also want you to feel immersed in the universe."


"You'll visit locations all over the world. You'll find yourself searching for secrets, interacting and teaming up with other characters, solving puzzles, driving a car through the Polish mountains, and exploring the flooded catacombs beneath Berlin in a submarine. We want to make it feel really varied.

"We've tried to combine the best of classic FPS design with modern elements. We look back at old shooters and feel that certain things have been left behind that really shouldn't have. The health system is the perfect example. We have health and shields as resources that you have to manage, but we've added some slight regeneration. This is so you always have a fighting chance to survive, but keeping an eye on your health and shields is still crucial to the experience."

Log went to see Wolfenstein at a recent preview event and expressed pleasant surprise at how good it's looking - expect a full debrief soon. In the meantime, check out our gallery of newly released Wolfenstein screenshots.