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Xbox One: 10 rumours that haven't come true... yet

IllumiRoom, Titan and other tall tales

Many of the internet's rumour-chickens came home to roost with the Xbox One reveal, but there are still a fair few birds in the wild, befouling the informational ecosystem. The below is our attempt at imposing a little order. If it helps, imagine us running up and down the data highways like men and women possessed, armed with tasers and giant nets on sticks.

You might also want to refer to our Xbox One guide and list of confirmed Xbox One games. The Truth Will Out, if we have to stun it with a BB gun and throw the body in a sack.

1. Resident Evil 7!
Alleged boxart and E3 promotional materials for yet another instalment of man-on-ubervirus action surfaced shortly before Microsoft's next generation Xbox event - the new tagline, apparently, is "the war ends now". The absence of actual artwork beyond the decidedly Resi-6-ish logo font smells deeply suspicious to us, but to our knowledge Capcom has yet to formally debunk the rumour. Who knows, perhaps we'll hear more at E3.


Assuming a new Resident Evil is in development - hardly an unreasonable assumption - it's questionable where the firm would want to release a new Resident Evil title this year, with Resident Evil: Revelations HD on the shop. Only this February, Revelations producer Masachika Kawata admitted that "there were probably a few too many" Resident Evil releases during the past couple of years, adding that over-dosing on titles "would not necessarily win over gamers".

2. Augmented 3D glasses!
Also shortly before the Xbox One's unveiling, the Wall Street Journal claimed that Microsoft's new Xbox would support 3D glasses, citing multiple industry contacts. Microsoft has yet to reveal anything of the sort, of course, but many of the paper's other predictions - extensive cloud computing support and live TV features - did come true, so the idea's perhaps worth keeping an eye on. Especially given this internal "Xbox 720" design briefing from 2010, which also makes mention of augmented reality glasses.

The elephant in this particular room is, of course, the Oculus Rift, a high-end virtual reality headset for core videogames like Team Fortress 2 and Skyrim, that has attracted no small amount of buzz from such industry luminaries as John Carmack and Cliff Bleszinski. It's currently a PC, Mac and Android-only affair, and has yet to see commercial release. However, Microsoft may be more bothered by the prospect of Google's augmented reality goggles, which threaten to open a new frontier in the war for dominance of on-the-go data and entertainment consumption.

3. IllumiRoom support!
One reason Microsoft may not push ahead with glasses is that it's working on its own method of reality augmentation, the much-toted IllumiRoom projector. Working with tandem with Kinect from the comfort of a coffee table, the device allows in-game graphics and effects to spill beyond the boundaries of your TV - grenades, for instance, would roll across the living room floor care of the game's own physics systems, then detonate in a ripple of simulated air distortion.

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