Microsoft: "we're committed to Japan" with Xbox One

"We'll continue building on our investment," says Mattrick

Xbox 360 may have struggled to hit the bigtime in Japan, but Microsoft won't take the opportunity to retreat and focus on other territories with Xbox One.

"We're committed to Japan," the company's Don Mattrick told OXM and other journalists during a roundtable chat at its manufacturing labs, a couple of weeks before this Tuesday's Xbox One reveal. "We continue to build on our partnerships, we continue to build on our offerings for consumers inside of that space.


"We think it's an important market," he added. "And we'll continue building on the working investment that we've done over all these years." Any chance of another Lost Odyssey, Mattrick?

Pushed for more, the exec refused to be, erm, pushed. "Again, I'm not going to go in to details of the launch until we nuance with key partners and build a market strategy.

"This event is just to, kind of, kick off the big picture - there'll be more news in appropriate ways [for each geographical region], including the content partners, all classes of content, what's been tweaked and what's the same as what we're rolling out in the US."

This is the same Don Mattrick who recently asked whether people really want an Xbox that ignores the web, by the way.

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Look, a trailer for Lost Odyssey. How did that get there?