Xbox One specs are about "agility and brains", not "brute force"

New console is "very simple and elegant in its architecture"

Microsoft has designed the Xbox One hardware not with a view to eclipsing all known technical specifications, but to be flexible and "elegant", Microsoft hardware group general manager Leo Del Castillo has told OXM. This contrasts dramatically to the company's approach in the past, which has been more about muscle.

The manufacturer has performed more of the technical groundwork internally than with previous consoles. "It takes a lot of disciplines to pull together a project on this scale," observed Del Castillo. "This is a product in which virtually every single component that goes into Xbox, into Kinect has either significant design input or actually was designed by Microsoft so when you look at all the different disciplines, many of these individuals are in my team. We have this design approach where we have everybody work to a common goal, there are no fences between the teams.


"We focus on premium design and that premium design rests on the foundation of having very flexible and balanced architecture," he went on. "The centre of our system is based around a very high tech piece of silicon that encompasses our central processor and our graphics processor, all of our memory control apparata that make the system extremely fast.

"It's a very powerful system, but also very simple and elegant in its architecture - very very flexible. In the past we've thought of games consoles that have been nothing but brute force but it takes agility and brains also to be a modern piece of electronics, and this system has exactly that, it can run full bore when it needs to run full bore."

You can read about the new Xbox console's capabilities in our gigantic Xbox One guide. The rough numerical rundown is as follows: an 8-core AMD processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, x64 processing architecture, 500 GB built-in storage accompanied by a 50GB Blu-ray disc drive and USB 3.0 connectivity. The wrath of God in the right hands, no doubt.

Go right ahead and dribble over the first official Xbox One screenshots, too. It's like a massive club sandwich of triple-distilled black.