Microsoft: 1 vs 100-style interactive gameshows will return on Xbox One

But "not at launch"

Microsoft has confirmed that its upcoming TV programming will include interactive gameshows in the style of the much-missed 1 vs 100.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's first-party lineup, told us that the company had gained "a ton of learning around 1 vs.100, what does it mean to bring hundreds of thousands of people together in a virtual game environment and have them play with each other and give away real prizes."


"I think that's a category that lends itself to our kind of community and interactivity," he said. But "probably not at launch, we'll see how our timelines go."

1 vs 100 was a surprise hit on Xbox Live back in 2009, with Avatar-powered quiz challenges awarding real-world prizes. It was shuttered in 2010 after two seasons, and Microsoft said it would apply the lessons learned to new products.

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