Microsoft: "we probably didn't show as many games as we should have" at private Xbox One event

But E3 "will be almost all gaming"

Microsoft's Aaron Greenburg has admitted the company didn't show its full gaming lineup at its exclusive Xbox reveal event, but says it'll blow you away at E3.

"From a first party standpoint we're continuing to be heavily invested in gaming. We probably right now aren't talking about it maybe as much as we should, because we're talking so much about what's new," he told OXM at the Microsoft campus earlier this month.

[Update - To be clear, the headline refers to the Xbox One reveal OXM attended.]


"People know we have gaming, and so we're talking about entertainment and TV and all of the other things that we're doing. But, when we go to E3 you'll see us go almost all gaming, and that'll be our main focus there. We know it's like us being musicians, and that's the rock concert - people don't want to hear slow songs, they just want rock, so we're giving them rock for 90 minutes."

"And we've got a lot of games, and I would say our third party relationships are the tightest we've ever seen."

We'll have more exclusive news on the next Xbox soon, and further details in the new issue of OXM on-sale June 11th. Visit our Xbox One hub for details of all the specs, or check out our just-updated list of new Xbox games.