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Microsoft's next Xbox reveal event: what we're hoping to see

OXM staffers gaze into the light at the end of current gen's tunnel

At the time of writing, there are four days and five hours to go till the announcement of the next generation Xbox - an object of fear, awe and reverence. This also means there's a gaping void of Xbox-related news right now. Join us as we shout into that void, filling it with our next gen daydreams.

You can read all the latest on the new Xbox via our countdown hub page. Here's everything we currently know about the specs, and here are all the confirmed Xbox 720 games. What do you want from the new console? Let us know in the comments.

Log wants...
At the least aspirational, and most functional level, and probably of least interest to the average gamer, I just want a way of taking screenshots that doesn't require me to pump my entire game through a seperate box then back into my TV. I've spent two hours this morning dealing with shonky four-disc RAID arrays, and I didn't even want 200Mb/s disc access speeds, I just want an uncompressed snapshot of the damn game I'm playing.


Now I've got that off my chest, I can talk about games. I want a machine that's powerful enough to spit out 60 frames per second, and a certification scheme that prohibits anything less. I want a machine that's powerful enough to not rob great-looking games like RAGE and Dishonored of their close-up textures. I'd like to not stare at those two circles, wondering what the hell my machine is thinking about. I'd like not to be logged out when something needs an update.

And I realise this is going against every cultural and technological trend at the moment, I want a freer environment, with Apps that are designed to let me use my Xbox in cool ways, and that aren't just content-spouts for corporate partners. I'd love to play videos from my PC without resorting to Windows Media Centre. I paid seven resentful quid for Windows 8 Media Centre Upgrade, and the only video of the hundreds I've got in my shared folders is a single episode of Garth Merengi's Dark Place. It's a good episode, the one with the massive Eye Baby, but occasionally I want to watch other stuff. Empower me, new Xbox. Don't fence me into a walled garden.

Aoife wants...
I reckon the next gen Xbox reveal will have a few surprises in store next week, but top of my personal wishlist is built-in video and screenshot capture capability. As someone who has tangled with complex video and audio gameplay capture setups in the past, I love the idea of being able to grab video clips for editing and even livestream directly from my console.


I really hope the next gen console doesn't completely ditch backwards compatibility - I already have far too many consoles in my living room and I don't want the stack of games I've accumulated in the last eight years to suddenly require an extra set-up to play. Next, bit of a no-brainer, let's see DVDs dropped in favour of a Blu-Ray drive; I don't think anyone will miss bulky four disc releases like Lost Odyssey, and it would mean we won't miss out on collections like Metal Gear Solid Legacy, which Hideo Kojima recently admitted wouldn't be coming to the 360 because of its sheer size.

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