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Ubisoft will release sequels "more and more regularly" next generation

Promises this won't come at the expense of quality, new IPs

Not only does Ubisoft think it's conquered the dreadful spectre of franchise fatigue with Assassin's Creed - the publisher is convinced it can release both more frequent and higher quality sequels on next generation consoles. That's according to CEO Yves Guillemot, via Gamespot.

"We believe that our major production capacity, strong of a network of 26 international studios and over 7,000 developers, now optimized with our lead and associate organization, will allow us to come with an enhanced pipeline of increasingly high quality franchises and new IPs," Guillemot told investors in an earnings call.


"We will be able to release our franchises more and more regularly, providing solid visibility on our future revenue and profitability streams," he added. "All that, combined with the online expertise and know-how that we have been growing steadily internally make us believe that we will benefit disproportionately from the arrival of the new generation and from the continued growth of the online market."

One of Ubisoft's key IPs next gen is likely to be Watch Dogs, which is basically Assassin's Creed in the modern age - producer Dominic Guay calls it the company's "next big brand". Here's how the Xbox 360 and next Xbox versions differ.