Fable 4: Lionhead seeks Unreal Engine experts with experience "reimagining existing franchises"

"Key contributors on an unannounced title" needed

Lionhead's just advertised vacancies for an animation director and a core engine programmer. Successful applicants will be "key contributors on an unannounced title", and desirable application criteria for the programming job include a familiarity with Unreal Engine 3 and/or 4.

So far, so in accordance with what we already know - but there are a few telling lines in the animation director listing that suggest this won't be a new IP.


"The ideal candidate is someone who has leading industry experience on AAA titles, including large scale RPG, Action Adventure and RTS genres," it reads, adding that a "background working on new franchises or reimagining's of existing franchises" is preferred.

The developer would also like to hear from animators who've worked across multiple platforms. Fable 4 for Xbox 360 and the next generation Xbox, perhaps?

Lionhead's latest is one of 10 possible Xbox 720 exclusives. The recent appointment of former Cryptic Studios CEO John Needham as studio boss suggests that the new game may be a free-to-play MMO.

According to creative director Gary Carr, Lionhead is presently "building something more ambitious than ever before". What are your hopes? I'd quite like another horsey, myself.