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Xbox 720: Microsoft job listings call for "deep understanding of modern PC architecture"

Cloud computing, 3D imaging experts also sought

Hey ho! I'm back from another Magical Rainbow Tour of Microsoft's careers site, armed with yet more snippets of insight as to forthcoming Xbox machinery. Let the between-lines reading begin.

The firm's hardware teams have been doing an awful lot of recruiting lately - a graphics hardware architect and a hardware security architect are, for instance, sought to "define and deliver console architectures from conception through implementation".


A design verification engineer is also needed - the lucky candidate will "be responsible for the design verification and qualification of wireless technology on the Xbox platform". Desirable expertise includes "wireless products that use 802.11x and proprietary RF protocols". Next Xbox wifi specifications confirmed?

There's also more evidence in support of the rumour that the new Xbox will feature an X86 processing architecture - a vacancy for the role of security architect calls for "experience with both X86 and ARM ISAs".

In more general terms, the rumours about Xbox 720's similarity to PC appear to be on the money. Why else would Microsoft's Xbox Console team go hunting for a hardware design verification engineer with a "deep understanding of modern PC architecture," and in particular optical disc drives, Vregs, thermal and firmware testing? "Microsoft is the destination for the brightest minds in entertainment device design," notes the blurb for that one. "Come be part of what's next." Cor.

There are interesting rumblings on the Xbox Live front, too. A service engineer is needed "to drive innovation in network technologies, network design, operational processes, and systems efficiency". The listing notes that the lucky candidate will "manage unprecedented scale while optimizing cost/performance" and "understand the future of networking and how the network interacts with cloud-based applications". Always-online console, anyone?

Last but not least, the Xbox Israel team need a board design engineer who's "passionate for [the] electronic design of 3D imaging cameras which will serve millions throughout the world". That would be the next generation of Kinect, then.

For more on all of the above, read our Xbox 720 specs news and rumour round-up. Microsoft will reveal the new Xbox on 21st May. Bookmark our countdown page for everything as it happens.