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The fame game: the eight most memorable celebrity cameos

Rolling the red carpet right into your console

Snoop's starring role in new XBLA game Way of the Dogg has gotten us thinking about celebrities in gaming. Here are eight A-listers who've made it onto Xbox 360, for good and in some cases, ill. Enjoy - whilst trying to figure out whose visage got off lightest during the rendering process.

Snoop Lion - Way of the Dogg
The D-O Double G made his first in-game appearance ten years ago in Activision's True Crime: Streets of LA, which was followed up a year later with his role in Def Jam: Fight for NY. More recently, Snoop appears in his very own stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where he can be seen in the background modestly sat atop a golden throne, surrounded by dogs and scantily-clad ladies. Class.


His fourth stint as a game character is in the aforesaid Way of the Dogg, an action rhythm game where you pull punches in time to a few select songs from Snoop's repertoire. Sadly you don't actually get to play as the Dogg himself - he simply teaches you in the ways of mystical heartbeat-bending Kung Fu. Presumably, the game wrapped before Snoop was told by a shaman that he was more lion than canine and subsequently changed his name. Shame really; L-I-O-N isn't nearly as much fun to say.

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