Halo 4 update to add new Forge Island playlist, weapon tuning continues

343 to throw Xbox Live playdate on 3rd June

Halo 4's next matchmaking update will introduce a new playlist dedicated to user-customised Forge Island maps, 343 has announced. Expect it on 20th May, with further details to arrive this week.

"One of the things we'll be doing in our next Matchmaking Update, which will take place on May 20th, will be showcasing some of our favorite Forge Island creations in a limited time only Community Forge Island playlist," the latest Halo Bulletin explains (apologies for tardiness with this one - I was out of the office last week).


"If you'd like to submit your creations (or those of a friend) for consideration, be sure to post in the Community Cartographer's Thread in the proper format," it continues. "During the remainder of this week and over the weekend, the Matchmaking Systems Team will be working alongside the Community Cartographers to select the final candidates, which will be announced in next week's Bulletin, along with the full details of the next Matchmaking Playlist Update."

In other news, work continues on the game's weapon balancing. The paragraphs that describe all this are a fearful hodgepodge of Halo jargon, which I'm not going to copy-paste - by all means hit the jump if you're feeling brave. 343 will throw a livestreamed community play-test at some point this month - invites have now gone out, and attendance details are forthcoming shortly.

"Additionally, to kick off the new weapon tuning update, June 3rd will also be host to an Xbox LIVE playdate with 343 team members, in which we'll be hopping into a few playlists and playing with the community," the Bulletin continues. "If you're currently dreaming of a 4-shot BR duel with bs angel, mark your calendars. Careful - she's been known to "straight up" out-BR unsuspecting victims."

Enough of this fan-serving bonhomie, 343. What's all this from Tesco about an "upcoming Halo" in 2013?