Next gen Xbox exclusives: 10 rumoured Xbox 720 launch titles

Rumour round-up: what will Microsoft unveil alongside its new console?

There are plenty of compelling Xbox 720 games on the horizon already, from the giddy neon charms of Cyberpunk 2077 through the ostensibly "all-new" Call of Duty: Ghosts to the sprawling, serenely high tech Destiny, but the best is hopefully yet to come.

Assuming you're on good terms with our next gen Xbox countdown, you'll know that Microsoft has a number of internal studios and third parties working on excitingly undisclosed projects, some of which are guaranteed to be Xbox 720 launch titles. Here's a round-up of the possibilities. Which game makes you salivate the most?

1. Project Gotham Racing 5
Only next gen consoles can revitalise the racing game, Sumo Digital's Gareth Wilson told OXM back in April 2012, and by the sounds of things, the genre is central to the new Xbox hardware's launch line-up. Specifically, there are signs that the long dormant Project Gotham Racing franchise - worked on by Wilson when he was a designer at now-closed Bizarre Creations - may be due a bold rebirth.


Microsoft renewed its trademark in February for the first time since registering it, way back in 2002. Among the developers rumoured to be in the driving seat are Lucid Games (see the 2013 teaser, above) and Rare, which recently embarked on a racing-flavoured hiring spree. Concept artwork (below) for an undisclosed Rare project has also surfaced over at Giles Ketting's blog. Alas, the project in question is said to be no more.

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