Fallout: NV developer has "unique next generation game" in the works

Well of course it isn't Fallout 4

It's been a rough few years in some ways for Knights of the Old Republic 2 developer Obsidian Entertainment, what with Bethesda cutting back on bonuses for Fallout: New Vegas, ensuing layoffs and most recently, a spell in limbo for South Park and the Stick of Truth, following THQ's collapse into bankruptcy. Still, there may be light at the end of the tunnel: the studio appears to be working on a "unique next generation game".

That's per a job listing for a level design position. "This designer will work closely with artists to produce interesting 3D levels with exciting, engaging gameplay," it reads. "Responsibilities will include planning and populating missions/quests, scripted sequences, encounters, challenges and rewards." Desirable criteria include "a love of role-playing and action games".


A UI/user experience artist is also sought for next generation work, presumably on the same project. Add all that to the "unannounced next gen console title" mentioned on art director Rob Nesler's resume - he's been hammering away at it since April 2012.

Last December, CEO Feargus Urquhart revealed to Kotaku that the studio had canned a game in recent history, thought to be a next Xbox exclusive published by Microsoft.

"We went down the road with a few publishers," he told the site. "We did get it signed up with a publisher, and unfortunately as happens sometimes, projects just don't go. Particularly when it's been not that long, it's hard to go into a lot of detail about it. It's too bad - we thought it was really cool."

It's possible this is the selfsame project Nelser refers to on his site. Let's hope not.

Besides the South Park game - now in the hands of Ubisoft, which has yet to furnish us with release details - Obsidian is currently developing Project Eternity for PC, Mac and Linux - a Kickstarter-funded loveletter to Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. Assuming you can prise yourself away from your Xbox 360, you might want to get involved with all that.

I named Obsidian as one of several developers I'd like to rescue Star Wars, now that LucasArts is out of the picture. Are there any other IPs you'd like Feargus and co to get involved with? In hopefully related news, here's how Fallout 4 could make use of next generation hardware.