Batman: Arkham Origins dev seeks "expert in next generation AAA action/adventure games"

Creative director will help "expand the DC Comics universe in the interactive space."

Batman: Arkham Origins developer Warner Bros Montreal is in the market for somebody who knows literally everything there is to know about next generation consoles, in what could be a hint that Origins will appear on Xbox 720 and PS4.

"WBIE Montreal, a new division on WB Games Inc., seeks a Creative Director to work with its game development team," the listing reads. "This team will be responsible for expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space." The right candidate will be an "expert in next-generation AAA action/adventure games". Case closed? Or does Warner have another DC project on the boil for upcoming hardware?


A prequel starring a brasher, "unrefined" Batman, Origins features an overhauled Most Wanted system, new supervillains like Black Mask and Deathstroke and an expanded roster of gadgets and moves for the Dark Knight himself.

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