Microsoft registers "Xbox Fusion" domains - Xbox 720's real name revealed?

Update: Registrations date back to 2004

Microsoft has bought up a slew of web domains relating to "Xbox Fusion", including,,,, Could this be the name of the firm's next generation console, due for reveal 21st May? Or the name of a next Xbox application, service or even peripheral? Let's hope it's the latter. "Fusion" sounds like some sort of toothpaste.

Kudos to Fusible for spotting the WHOIS listing in question. Another rumoured moniker is "Xbox Infinity" (see the below, probably fake image) but this seems doubtful - Microsoft has yet to register a domain for it.


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Update - Twitter user Jordash1991 points out that the Fusion domains were registered way, way back in 2004 - they were last updated in February this year. Nothing to see here, then?