Batman Arkham Origins details emerge: axed features, new detective mode, "year two" setting

GamesMaster magazine speak to WB Montreal about their "different Dark Knight"

Hot on the heels of a gallery full of brand new Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots, new gameplay and story details have emerged courtesy of the latest issue of GamesMaster magazine. It's a good morning to be a Bat-fan.

Speaking to GamesMaster, WB Montreal discussed several mechanics that were dropped because the studio felt they didn't live up to the legacy left by previous Arkham titles. Originally, the game was to include a 'storm indicator' where Batman could use the heavy snowstorms to his advantage. This was cut, however, as it negatively impacted the flow of combat.


Another feature left on the cutting room floor was a robot drone that would hunt Batman during predator mode sequences. This was later abandoned as it "broke the richness of the predator room, which is in giving the player the power to play the way they want".

The article indicates that Arkham Origins plays exactly like Arkham City, with an overhauled Detective mode and a new gadget upgrade progression tree. It also reveals that WB Montreal consider Legends of the Dark Knight their "single most inspirational piece of media". They also reckon they've created "the coolest version of Deathstroke", describing him as "a wonderful counterpart to Batman".

Senior producer Ben Mattes told GamesMaster that WB Montreal won't discuss all the story details before the game ships, but did reveal that Batman and Captain Gordon meet for the first time during the events of Arkham Origins.

No mention was made of Arkham Origin's rumoured multiplayer modes which, if The Internets are to be believed, will have players take on the role of goons under the employ of Bane or Joker, attempting to take down the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. Neither Joker, Bane, or the Boy Wonder have been confirmed for Origins as yet.

If you're hungry for further details, or if you'd like a wicked sweet exclusive Batman poster for your wall, you can buy the latest issue of GamesMaster magazine here.