Microsoft job listings back up "leaked" Xbox 720 specs

Also sheds light on Black Tusk Studios project

You know what's fun? Literally anything that isn't combing through dozens of Microsoft job listings in search of telling phrases such as "next generation Xbox". Still, every now and then I just can't help myself, and every now and then, the effort proves worthwhile.

For instance: we now have something in the way of official confirmation that the next Xbox will utilise the x86 processing architecture rather than Xbox 360's PowerPC setup, as rumoured. Microsoft is seeking a software development engineer to work on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, see, and experience with the x86 architecture is "desirable". Conclusive. Well, it is if you squint.

A good time, perhaps, to revisit this supposed next gen Xbox specs breakdown. Alternatively, you might give a little more thought to whether you really want the next Xbox to be backwards compatible - the choice of an x86 architecture makes this rather less likely.


Moving away from questions of hardware for second - remember Black Tusk Studios? The exciting new people who're developing at least four new IP, presumably for the new console? They're in the market for a campaign engineer with serious "core" credentials. "This opportunity is best suited for an experienced engineer with a background working closely with Design to create outstanding single-player experiences in a core AAA game," reads the listing in question.

"The role will be to create and maintain custom campaign gameplay systems that are needed for our game. Our ideal candidate will be a committed gamer with a passion for delivering new experiences to the core consumer." Experience with the Unreal Engine is preferred. Hmm.

Black Tusk also needs a senior services engineer to help assemble "a reliable high-traffic web application to support console and multi-screen end points". Multi-screen, eh? Could this be a SmartGlass-style auxiliary in-game service of some kind?

What do you reckon?