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GTA 5 news on the way? Scientology spoof website comes back to life

"Coming just as soon as we can finish it, a real chance to learn the truth."

Rockstar may be about to drop some fresh Grand Theft Auto 5 facts, ladies and gentlemen. The Epsilon Program - a parody of pay-to-be-saved religious cults, aimed squarely at Scientology - has begun updating its Twitter feed after months of silence.

This follows the release of some new GTA 5 artworks last week, thus confirming the in-game existence of bikes, guns, helicopters, bridges and, er, shoes. Read more of the game's wonders in our GTA 5 info overload, comprising 31 need-to-know details. You do need to know. Trust me.

Notice the #truthseekers bit - I've just had a quick nose round Google, and come up with this. Care to do a little sleuthing of your own? Alternatively, check out this mindboggling fan-made map of GTA 5.

Update - As Kernow and Stevie note, the hashtag could be a reference to The Truth from GTA: San Andreas.

Update 2 - As Bezza points out, Rockstar has just released a Project Epsilon screensaver, which contains what appear to be footage of in-game environments and character models. That's some pretty heinous background music. Here's a Youtube version.