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Free Xbox games: the best downloadables you can play for nothing

UPDATE: Tequila's Deadlight is now free to download

It's a good time to be a penniless Xbox owner. Microsoft has a number of free-to-play games in the works for Xbox Live, including World of Tanks: Xbox 360 and Project Spark, which doesn't even require a Gold subscription. Under the Games with Gold scheme, the firm will also hand out two free Xbox 360 games to Gold subscribers every month - one game on the 1st, the next on the 16th.

You'll read about each free game as it arrives right here, on this continually updated page, which is definitely worth a bookmark. By all means drop us a comment about a freebie we've missed, or a suggestion as to what Microsoft should give away next, or to let us know how you're making use of the cash you've saved. The Games with Gold scheme will also launch on Xbox One at some point in the future.

Update: 31/03/2014 - April's free Xbox games are Hitman Absolution (from the 1st) and Deadlight (from the 16th).

Free Xbox games of the month
A side-scrolling platformer from Spanish indie Tequila Works that calls to mind classic 2D adventures like Prince of Persia and Another World. It's the story of Randall Wayne, a man searching for his family across Seattle in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. The city is full of Shadows, which are effectively zombies - you can fight them using a pistol and fireaxe, but avoiding them is much safer. Stamina is a factor: after prolonged exertion, Wayne will slow to a stagger, which isn't helpful when you're fleeing a horde. Read our review for more.

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Free Xbox games for all time
Warface Xbox 360 (beta)
A Gold-exclusive free-to-play FPS featuring four classes, co-op and competitive mission types, four maps (at the time of writing) and some ruddy great robots. Warface is the work of Crytek, developer of the Crysis series, so you can expect a fairly fast-paced experience with a fat tactical underbelly. The full version is slated for release this spring.

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