FIFA 14: four modes and features EA needs to add or change

Our previewer reflects on what we know so far

FIFA 14 is allegedly superior to FIFA 13 in at least six ways, but much of what's been discussed pertains to the base play mechanics, with little news so far of additional features. How should EA expand the offering, and are there any other mechanical or presentational hiccups it should address?

As an avid anti-sportsman, I wouldn't know where to begin, but Richard Meade is cut from different cloth. Here are his thoughts on what FIFA 14 as we currently understand it needs to add or change.


Pro Clubs customisation
At its best, Pro Clubs is as good an experience as you'll have playing FIFA 13. The banter, the teamwork and the feeling of being an important part of your team's success lead to unreachable highs that the games other modes can't contend with. There's so much room for making this even better and more personal with new customisation options. Simple improvements like being able to assign a player a permanent number and enhanced options to modify your appearance should be no-brainers. But EA needs to take the opportunity to give club managers the chance to create their own kits and badges. The more customisation players have over their teams, the more personal and meaningful they have the potential to become.

Career mode overhaul
Having played out our unrealised footballing dreams more times than we care to admit, it's increasingly obvious that Career Mode needs a refresh. EA has already teased a pretty new hub, new scouting and less email interruptions while you're simming. This gives us reason to think that bigger changes are in the offing. Hopefully there will be a higher level of detail with more important and relevant managerial decisions to keep every week of the season vibrant, rather than just the transfer window. We want to be able to request ground upgrades or a new stadium to grow the club. Give us more challenging and realistic goals set by the board, like generating income while maintaining league position, or even having to work under an established transfer/tactical policy at the hardest difficulties.

Sort out the goddamn menus
Maybe we're thick, maybe our brain train sets off on an incredibly different track of logic to the masses, but we've consistently found the menu system in FIFA 13 a horrible labyrinth of confusion and hopelessness. Oh look - there's an Xbox Live menu....but it doesn't include Ultimate Team, errrr because that's an option all by itself. Uh okay, we guess. What's this? The Game Modes menu doesn't include Career Mode? But Career Mode is a Game Mode, they're all "Game Modes"! Who designed this? Why are you making it so hard for us to play football?


Clean, logical menus please, and don't ask us what language we speak EVERY TIME we play. If you can remember the transfer negotiations and contracts in our Career Mode then you can remember what language we want to read them in.

Online Career Mode
A prayer, a faint hope, wishful thinking? We hope not. FIFA is full of such rich communities that the idea of playing in a connected online Career Mode is a dream we want realised. Just imagine it...fighting for a transfer target against a friend, scuppering your mate's title push, or winning the league to claim not just success and silverware but also bragging rights. An online Career Mode needs to happen one of these days.

Don't just sit there reading, you tiresome individual. Add your suggestions to the pile. This way for the first FIFA 14 screenshots.